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We believe that all women deserve to look and feel beautiful. Show self-confidence every day. We believe that there is beauty in every woman's body and that is why we create our products with one purpose in mind: to provide confidence, comfort and beauty through our lines of quality products, developed with the latest technologies in production and materials worldwide.

Every woman deserves that one pair of jeans that makes her feel like she can conquer the world! And because the our jeans are designed to naturally and effortlessly lifts and shapes in all the right places, it’s safe to say that they’re the pair of jeans your wardrobe invariably needs!

Cysm jeans are ideal for women that don’t want to make compromises between feeling comfortable and looking sexy. With a bidirectional stretch fabric that smoothes-out and tones your legs and hips, these jeans are a figure-shaping goldmine! The instant butt-lift and firm control over the midsection will help you become more daring and confident in all your outfit choices.

Thanks to the high-quality bidirectional stretch fabric, the jeans will not sag or lose their figure-contouring abilities over time, making them the perfect go-to pair of denim bottoms! Apart from keeping you comfortable while looking flawless, the design of the jeans also contours the natural curves of your body.

This means that the butt-lifting feature will work regardless of body type or size! The seams and chic details are all meant to emphasize the rounder and fuller appearance of your buttocks, while the abdomen is flattened and your legs are smoothened. Your silhouette becomes a blank canvas for many gorgeous outfits!

All you have to do is pair them up with cute tops, and enjoy the street head-turns and compliments!



We believe that all women deserve to look and feel beautiful

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